Paint Cleaner 30ml


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Barco Paint Cleaner is a clear liquid that has specifically been developed to clean your various baking tools, paintbrushes and Airbrush machine after using BARCO PAINT BASE and BARCO FOOD PAINT.


BEFORE using either BARCO PAINT BASE and or BARCO FOOD PAINT, ensure you thoroughly clean all your paintbrushes and or AIRBRUSH machine with BARCO PAINT CLEANER.

This is to ensure there is no moisture present, which will result in the blocking or clogging of both your brushes and or airgun.

Once you have finished painting or airbrushing, clean all equipment with BARCO PAINT CLEANER before rinsing and storage.


After cleaning your airgun, leave a drop of BARCO PAINT CLEANER in the paint well and store. This will ensure a clean airgun for when next using.


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