BARCO Tips and tricks for all pigments and dyes:

  1. Fading colours: Sunlight or fluorescent light will cause some colours to fade. After the cake is decorated, it is best to keep in a cool room and out of direct light.
  2. PH sensitive colours: Flesh, Purple, Black and Browns. These colours will not present correctly in the presence of acid in the mixture; lemon juice or cream of tartar. Omit the acid if tinting icing brown, purple, flesh, black or brown. A slight acid environment will cause these colours to lose their colour slowly over night even. PLEASE TEST THESE COLOURS BEFORE YOU USE THEM…. you might promise a customer a Purple cake and wake up the next morning to a Pale Blue (Brown and Flesh turns green) cake due to the reaction with the acid.
  3. Deep colours: When making deep colours, such as black, brown, or red use
  4. Barco food colours in larger amounts than normal.
  5. Stains: Paste colours can stain teeth and skin; however, simply washing skin area with soap and warm water will remove colour. Bleach can be used on counter tops. Lukewarm water should be used first to spot stained colour.
  6. Black: When white buttercream, fondant etc. is tinted black, it also can have a bitter taste. To prevent this, start with a dark chocolate icing/fondant etc. and then add a small amount of black colour.
  7. White: White is used for lightening icing that has been coloured too dark. Also, use it for making white buttercream made with butter or margarine.